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who believe that Web 3 will change everything in the future


"Art Connecting Everyone"

Ethereum/Polygon based art NFT marketplace in Korea since July 2021.

We educated hundreds of young artists and onboarded them to Web3. We cooperated with institutions including Hana bank, Youngnam newspaper and Gyeongsang province.

#Moment Of Artist

"Own the artist’s MOMENT that you want to own forever by Moment of Artist!"

Korean entertainment NFT marketplace based in Singapore since December 2021. We created and sold NFT collectibles of renowned K-pop groups including SF9 and P1H. We cooperated with the Line blockchain and FNC Entertainment.

#DOPE: Dawn of the Pixel Empire

"Social-fi NFT project living 100% on Ethereum"

Social-fi NFT project living 100% on Ethereum (more than 3,000 on-chain transaction so far excluding token transfer). Experimenting many new concepts in Web3 including PFP 2.0, dynamic voting, Social-fi, web3 advertisement, game based SBT, etc.


사업자등록번호: 449-88-02216 대표: 배민수 주소지 : 서울시 강남구 테헤란로 123 여삼빌딩 5층

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